Strike for the Climate

The best way to support the strike is to join the strike! Thousands of people will be mobilising in cities across the UK. To keep in the loop on what Greens are planning nationally and locally to you, sign up for updates.

Join the strike

Greens across the country will be joining the strike. Here’s how you can get involved


The Green Party is proud to support the general strike for the climate on 20th September.

The school children of our country have risen to demand action on the climate emergency. This September, the school strikers have called on everyone in Britain to join a general strike.

Join the Strike

Strikes are happening up and down the country. Greens have a specific meeting point at the following locations:

If your local party has got a meeting point for local Greens, let us know - and we’ll add it to the list!

There are dozens and dozens more strikes happening across the country, even where Greens don’t have a specific meeting point.

Show your support

We’ve got a bunch of flyers that you can order, print at home posters, and placards which you can use again and again.

Buy our limited edition Climate Strike T-Shirt, with 50% of the profits going to People and Planet, allowing young people to take more action for climate justice.

Supplies are limited, so order today!

The world is waking up. Action is starting, but we need to move much faster. You can help ensure that happens this September. Together, we can deliver a planet that meets everyone's needs while living within physical limits.

If you can, arrange a day off work with your employer, or make whatever arrangements you need to, and join us on the streets. Let’s strike for the climate.