Fracking is dirty, dangerous and unnecessary


In an age of climate breakdown, this Government’s determination to drill is an act of environmental vandalism.

The Green Party always fights fossil fuel extraction wherever it happens. Especially fracking.

If the UK is serious about meeting its climate commitments, we have to leave fossil fuels in the ground.


It has become clear that the frackers are in over their heads and don’t care about our safety. They’re causing earthquakes far stronger than they were expecting, and they’re lobbying to raise the threshold of permitted seismic activity to an unacceptable level.

Fracking isn’t safe. It’s as simple as that.


Meanwhile, our Government is trying to make it even easier to frack. They want to make setting up a fracking rig as simple as throwing up a garden shed, and they want to take decision making powers away from local communities.

The filth of fossil fuels runs through our entire political establishment. It’s up to us to clean up politics for good.


Day after day, Greens are at the gates of the only fracking site the Government has managed to force on us, putting our bodies in the way of this destruction. From the fields and the streets to the chambers of Parliament, we’re won’t stop until Britain is once again frack-free.

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