Right Now. For The Future

On 23rd May, the UK will take part in European Parliament Elections and we are building our biggest ever campaign.

The Green Party are the largest UK party in the European Parliament supporting staying in the EU.

We are the only party taking the climate crisis seriously.


To stay in the EU

Green Party MP Caroline Lucas was one of the founders of the People’s Vote movement, and we are proud to have led calls in Parliament for a second referendum. We celebrate and defend the right to free movement, and have constantly championed the rights of EU citizens in the UK and UK citizens in the EU. Vote Green to Remain and change Europe.

To Take Bold Climate Action

The movement for climate justice has never been stronger and Greens are leading it across the continent. We are facing a climate emergency. We need action to protect our children’s future. Vote Green for bold climate action.

To Change Politics for Good

Our political system is broken. It has failed to fix the inequality and insecurity that fuelled the Brexit vote. We must listen to the reasons people voted to leave, and heal divisions. We must end the current political chaos. Vote Green for real change.

Our full list of candidates in England and Wales

Say yes to Europe. Say no to climate change

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