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On 23rd May, the UK will take part in European Parliament Elections and we are building our biggest ever campaign.

The Green Party are the largest UK party in the European Parliament supporting staying in the EU.

We are the only party taking the climate crisis seriously.


To stay in the EU

Green Party MP Caroline Lucas was one of the founders of the People’s Vote movement, and we are proud to have led calls in Parliament for a second referendum. We celebrate and defend the right to free movement, and have constantly championed the rights of EU citizens in the UK and UK citizens in the EU. Vote Green to Remain and change Europe.

To Take Bold Climate Action

The movement for climate justice has never been stronger and Greens are leading it across the continent. We are facing a climate emergency. We need action to protect our children’s future. Vote Green for bold climate action.

To Change Politics for Good

Our political system is broken. It has failed to fix the inequality and insecurity that fuelled the Brexit vote. We must listen to the reasons people voted to leave, and heal divisions. We must end the current political chaos. Vote Green for real change.

Our full list of candidates in England and Wales

East midlands

Lead Candidate: Kat Boettge
Kat has been a very outspoken campaigner to remain in the EU, during the referendum, and as the lead candidate in the 2014 European elections. Kat will fight against fracking, air pollution, climate change, Trident and nuclear power. She also pledges to protect our welfare system, the NHS, public services, wildlife, green spaces, the environment, and fair, affordable and accessible housing for all.

  1. Gerhard Lohmann-Bond
  2. Liam McClelland
  3. Daniel Wimberley
  4. Simon Tooke


Lead Candidate: Catherine Rowett
If elected to the European Parliament, Catherine looks forward to working with UK Green MEPs, and with Green parties across Europe, to develop EU policies on agriculture, fisheries, taxation, aviation and energy that will tackle the global climate emergency, the rise of nationalism, and its underlying causes, such as inequality. Catherine says: “"By voting Green you will send a clear message that you want the UK to Remain in the European Union. Green MEPs make a positive difference: for urgent action on the climate emergency and a fairer economy.”

  1. Rupert Read
  2. Martin Schmierer
  3. Fiona Radic
  4. Paul Jeater
  5. Pallavi Devulapalli
  6. Jeremy Caddick


Lead Candidate: Scott Ainslie
Scott Ainslie is a Green Party activist from London. In 2014, he was elected to Lambeth Borough Council, being joined in 2019 by a team of four other Greens, including party co-leader Jonathan Bartley. Scott says: “Let’s call time on these divided parties and the electoral system that sustains them. They are all no longer fit for purpose.”

  1. Gulnar Hasnain
  2. Shahrar Ali
  3. Rachel Collinson
  4. Eleanor Margolies
  5. Remco van der Stoep
  6. Kirsten de Keyser
  7. Peter Underwood

North East

Lead Candidate: Rachel Featherstone
Rachel is continuing the Green Wave in the North East, after the region’s first Green Councillors were elected in May. Rachel says: “We're the only party taking climate change seriously. The EU presents us with opportunities to secure urgent, international action. We're also opposing the austerity agenda in the EU and campaigning to stop the deaths of people in the Mediterranean. For the other Remain parties, the message seems to be stop Brexit, but afterwards carry on with 'business as usual.’”

  1. Jonathan Elmer
  2. Dawn Furness

North West

Lead Candidate: Gina Dowding
Gina will look for every opportunity to promote the Green New Deal: to secure investment in jobs in the renewable energy and home energy efficiency sectors, as well via the public sector, and to promote the idea of a transformation of our transport systems. Gina believes these actions are a key start to reducing inequalities in the region.

  1. Wendy Olsen
  2. Jessica Northey
  3. Geraldine Coggins
  4. Rosie Mills
  5. Astrid Johnson
  6. Daniel Jerrome
  7. James Booth

South East

Lead Candidate: Alexandra Phillips
In 2003, following the disappointment of New Labour and Tony Blair dragging Britain into the Iraq war, Alex joined the Green Party, attracted by the party's strong values on social justice and standing up for ordinary people. A local councillor since 2009, representing the Goldsmid ward in Hove, Alex has worked tirelessly putting her residents first.

  1. Elise Benjamin
  2. Vix Lowthion
  3. Leslie Groves Williams
  4. Phelim Mac Cafferty
  5. Jan Doerfel
  6. Larry Sanders
  7. Isabella Moir
  8. Oliver Sykes
  9. Jonathan Essex

South West

Lead Candidate: Molly Scott Cato
Molly is campaigning hard for a People’s Vote on the final Brexit deal and has been tirelessly exposing the dodgy organisations and wealthy individuals behind the Leave campaign and who are now pushing a hard-right agenda. Molly says: “I am proud to have personally led on the sustainable finance agenda in the European parliament, developing measures and criteria to ensure finance is moved away from carbon-intensive sectors towards funding a New Green Deal.”

  1. Cleo Lake
  2. Carla Denyer
  3. Tom Scott
  4. Martin Dimery
  5. Karen La Borde


Lead Candidate: Anthony Slaughter
Anthony is the Leader of the Green Party of Wales. On a national level Anthony has engaged actively with a diverse range of activist groups over many years including Extinction Rebellion, the People's Assembly, 20's Plenty for Wales and many more. Anthony has been actively involved in Green politics for over a decade, both locally in Cardiff and the surrounding area, and nationally across Wales.

  1. Ian Chandler
  2. Ceri Davies
  3. Duncan Rees

West Midlands

Lead Candidate: Ellie Chowns
Ellie is a Lecturer at the University of Birmingham, specialising in International Development. She has spent 15 years working for international NGOs including VSO, Christian Aid and Concern Universal in the UK and Africa. Ellie Chowns serves as a Green Party councillor and leader of the Green Group on Herefordshire Council. Ellie says: “I believe passionately that we are better off in the EU. Only by working together can we address urgent challenges like climate breakdown. We need change - and Greens offer something different from the ‘business as usual’ politics of our broken political system.”

  1. Diana Toynbee
  2. Paul Woodhead
  3. Julian Dean
  4. Louis Stephen
  5. Helen Heathfield
  6. Kefentse Dennis

Yorkshire and the Humber

Lead Candidate: Magid Magid
His vision is unapologetically pro-EU and he supports a people’s vote on Brexit. He blames a decade of austerity, rather than the EU, for social problems in Britain. He says: “I get people giving me shit every day on social media, but for every negative message there’s been 100 positive ones. People are tired of the status quo.”

  1. Alison Teal
  2. Andrew Cooper
  3. Louise Houghton
  4. Lars Kramm
  5. Ann Forsaith

If you have any questions, get in touch with office@greenparty.org.uk or give us a call on 0203 6919 400.

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