European Elections 2019 : Vote Green

This isn’t just about the European Union.
This is about the country we live in.
This is the moment to tell the establishment what kind of Britain we want to be.

We have the most progressive vision for Britain's place in Europe

Now is the time to take action.

A bold and confident Britain. A Britain which finally throws out a status quo which has let us all down. And a Britain which should have the final say over whatever happens next.

Leave or Remain, the one thing everyone can agree on is that British politics is broken. The news cycle is literally unbearable. Parliament is a pantomime. People are switching off, and we don’t blame them.

This is our chance for millions of us to call for something new. This is our chance to mend our broken politics and reconnect our divided society.

This is our chance to send a message to the establishment. Enough is enough. We want a better politics, and a better Britain, still in Europe.

Vote Green in the European Elections campaign to make this vision a reality.

Freedom of Movement

Whether we travel for work, for study, for love, or for any of a hundred other reasons, we are all enriched by freedom of movement

Environmental protection

An extreme Brexit puts many of the environmental protection laws we currently have at risk

Real democracy

The terms of Brexit weren’t on the ballot paper. We need a people’s vote on the final deal and our place in Europe

Donate and Support our Campaign

The Green Party, rely on donations from ordinary members to fund our activities.  Please consider a one off donation, or setting up a regular monthly donation to help us fight and win more seats in this election.

"We have the most progressive vision for Britain's place in Europe, and we will always stand up for real democracy."