Leading the fight against climate chaos.

Standing with you for a People's Vote.

Making our society work for everyone.

Climate justice
for the people

Half of the world's carbon emissions have
been emitted in the last 30 years.

We're taking on the corrupt fossil fuel
corporations and the politicians who serve
them to net zero carbon emissions by 2030.

Our Green New Deal will provide a
Just Transition to a regenerative future for
the people and the planet.

Where do we stand on Brexit?

Remain from the start

Britain's future destiny is cooperation with our European friends and allies as part of Europe.

The CLIMATE emergency is borderless

Britain's just transition to tackle the climate crisis requires that we work with Europe. We will connect our energy grid with the power of the renewables throughout the continent.

Standing with you for a people's vote

Boris Johnson's Brexit deal is a disaster for the environment and workers' rights. We'll fight to the last minute for the people to have the final say.

Donate for a Greener Parliament

The upcoming General Election is our chance to bring more Greens to Parliament. MPs you can trust to re-build a Britain that works for everyone and paves a path to a greener future. But we can only get there if we can make our voice heard. The time to give Green is now.

When Greens Vote, Greens Win.

Green voters elected seven members of the European Parliament and
doubled the number of local councillors in 2019. Voters are taking action
on climate. The green vote is reaching a historic high levels across Britain
and the globe. With your support, our people-powered Green Wave
continues to grow across the country.